Webinar | Business Valuations for Divorce


“Thank you for a really excellent webinar – it was the best I have attended in quite a while. I will be attending future webinars if and when you have them.”
Helen St Jack – HHG Legal Group

“I attended your previous webinar and also asked other colleagues to log in too. We were all impressed with the quality and presentation. As Family lawyers the knowledge was invaluable to us.”
Nadia Messiah – Solicitor

“Thanks, the webinar was really informative and was delivered in simple language to ensure that a person not from an accounting background could understand it. Great work and kind regards”
Shiran Jayamaha – Chardon Legal

“Webinar was well presented and valuable. Well done and thanks for the invite. I was particularly interested in what assets/ liabilities fall inside/ outside the business for the valuation and improved my understanding.”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“The webinar was most useful & informative & I thank you for inviting me to join. I will no doubt use your services in my legal practice if & when I need a business valuation done”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“I just wanted to say thank you for today’s webinar. I found it really helpful and informative. I will forward your slide show to the other staff in the office.”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“This is just a quick email from me to express my appreciation of Trevor’s very informative, useful and practical presentation. Thank you kindly. “
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“Thanks, Trevor for the great presentation.”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“Thank you for allowing me to listen to the webinar. I found the information helpful”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“Thank you for a very informative seminar and the price was awesome.”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“The webinar was very useful and I really appreciated the invitation to attend. “
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“Thank you very much for the presentation. It was very informative. “
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“Thank you for the session, I found it very informative and practically useful.”
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons

“I attended a recent webinar of yours which I found extremely informative. “
Lawyer – Name withheld for privacy reasons


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Recent Client Testimonials

Valuation & Due Diligence

“I engaged Climax Business Strategies in a recent due diligence exercise for a company that I was looking to buy into. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Trevor. I found him to be very practical, thorough and easy to work with. He also engaged well with the target company and was always professional and patient. He added more value to the due diligence process than I was expecting and he provided powerful insights into their inner workings and quickly identified areas requiring further investigation. I felt confident having Trevor on my team. Trevor’s frequent and timely correspondence coupled with a convenient online portal for aggregating and sharing artifacts further simplified the engagement. I have no hesitation in recommending Climax Business Strategies to anyone wishing to conduct a due diligence investigation or just seeking a practical and honest business health review.”

Gavin Kawalsky

Business Valuation

“Not only did we receive a formal valuation which far exceeded our expectations, but Trevor’s detailed report gave us a completely new insight into the strengths (and more importantly weaknesses of the business).We are now using the valuation report as a checklist or template, for improving the profitability of the business in the future.”

Steve Devane

Strategic Planning & Tax

“Climax Business Strategies is a proactive Newcastle accounting firm that I recommend to anyone trying to grow their business and save tax. Trevor has a passion for understanding his clients’ businesses and I enjoy working with Trevor to develop strategies to continue to grow my own business. As a solicitor it’s important for me to have a relationship with a great accountant. I work closely with my own clients on succession planning and reducing business risks and it’s good to know that I have an accountant at call when needed that understands real business issues.”

Sam Roberts, Roberts Legal