Business Valuations for Divorce

Need a Business Valuation? Call us now, send us an email, complete our online quote form or watch this short video to find out how much it costs and how it works. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the business. No business or situation is too complex. Trevor Monaghan has written more than 700 business valuation and forensic accounting reports and given expert evidence in various courts around Australia. We would love to hear about your situation so we can explain your options. Low cost options are available if a full court report is not yet needed.

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Business Valuation Expert for Divorce

Don’t waste time and money arguing about estimates, get it done right the first time. We act as independent business valuation experts for divorce and family law purposes. We can act for one party or jointly as a single expert. Our goal in every business valuation report is to educate the stakeholders about the key valuation variables so that they can make informed decisions as the divorce progresses. All business valuations show full calculations and assumptions and enable the legal representatives to understand any arguable or contentious elements. We also provide a second opinion review service for reports prepared by other valuers. All valuation jobs are fixed priced in advance with 3 options of scope. You decide how much to spend before we even start.

  • Save time and money – use an expert who specialises in divorce
  • Choose how much you want to spend – 3 fixed price options
  • Find out the key valuation variables – know what to argue
  • Valuation reports for one party or both jointly – you decide
  • Engage us to review reports by others – second opinion

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Do you need to know what your business is worth for any of the following reasons?

  • Business valuation for buying a business
  • Business valuation for selling a business
  • Business valuation for divorce
  • Business valuation for shareholders agreements
  • Business valuation for keyman insurance
  • Business valuation for minority shareholders
  • Business valuation for stamp duty
  • Business valuation for capital gains tax
  • Business valuation for litigation
  • Business valuation for any other reason

We prepare written business valuation reports fully explaining our methods and calculations so you can understand the outcome. With 3 different levels of scope, you choose how much detail you need and how much you want to spend. We can give you a fixed price quote in minutes, with no hidden costs. All of our business valuation reports are independent and reliable, we can be engaged by single parties or as a joint expert which may be required in situations like a divorce.

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We prepare valuation reports for the following industries:

We prepare valuation reports for the following locations and beyond:

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Recent Client Testimonials

Valuation & Due Diligence

“I engaged Climax Business Strategies in a recent due diligence exercise for a company that I was looking to buy into. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Trevor. I found him to be very practical, thorough and easy to work with. He also engaged well with the target company and was always professional and patient. He added more value to the due diligence process than I was expecting and he provided powerful insights into their inner workings and quickly identified areas requiring further investigation. I felt confident having Trevor on my team. Trevor’s frequent and timely correspondence coupled with a convenient online portal for aggregating and sharing artifacts further simplified the engagement. I have no hesitation in recommending Climax Business Strategies to anyone wishing to conduct a due diligence investigation or just seeking a practical and honest business health review.”

Gavin Kawalsky

Business Valuation

“Not only did we receive a formal valuation which far exceeded our expectations, but Trevor’s detailed report gave us a completely new insight into the strengths (and more importantly weaknesses of the business).We are now using the valuation report as a checklist or template, for improving the profitability of the business in the future.”

Steve Devane

Strategic Planning & Tax

“Climax Business Strategies is a proactive Newcastle accounting firm that I recommend to anyone trying to grow their business and save tax. Trevor has a passion for understanding his clients’ businesses and I enjoy working with Trevor to develop strategies to continue to grow my own business. As a solicitor it’s important for me to have a relationship with a great accountant. I work closely with my own clients on succession planning and reducing business risks and it’s good to know that I have an accountant at call when needed that understands real business issues.”

Sam Roberts, Roberts Legal